About Me

I love to taste things, as many things as possible.  My dream is to go into a homemade ice cream shop and get to try a sampling spoon of every flavor available in a magical way that would allow me to not annoy the server behind the counter or the people behind me in line.  As it stands now, I’m sure I still mildly irritate them every time with the three or four samples I begrudgingly limit myself to before I make my decision.

I am a lover of wine tastings and beer flights and appetizer samplers and tapas galore.  If you go out to a meal with me I will make you order something different and have no shame asking to eat off your plate.  My boyfriend and I have a standing agreement that whenever we go out to breakfast one of us orders an egg dish and the other orders pancakes, waffles or French toast and we switch half way through.

I have a little formal training and have worked as both a production baker and a pastry chef in Connecticut and also on Martha’s Vineyard, although these days I’m loving the schedule a nine to five office job offers me more than the crazy nights, early mornings, weekends and holidays that went along with working in a kitchen. I do however still love to cook and bake and am always finding excuses to try and find the perfect recipe.

Family dinner is my favorite event in the entire world.  I enjoy both cooking them myself and having them cooked for me. But most of all I like making it a joint effort. My parents made me sit down to a family style dinner pretty much every night that were able to wrangle all four of us kids together at the same time and I can’t thank them enough for it. Despite being older, busier and more scattered, we still enjoy family meals with whatever friends and loved ones are around whenever possible. I can think of nothing better than preparing, eating and drinking contributions from my loved ones while enjoying some good company and lots of laughs.

I hope that through this blog I am able to share my passion for food, family, friends and the great outdoors.  And that my readers will join me in discovering new tastes, new places and some locally inspired recipes as I set to try as many flavors and combinations I can dream of!

So let me officially welcome you to LocallyKatered. I hope you enjoy what you find!


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