Hi and welcome to the dress rehearsal for my new blog, Locally Katered.  Everything I have read about blogging says you should define what type of blog you have but I’m guessing like me it’s going to end up being a jack of all trades but master of none. The main theme of the blog is all things local, but the posts should be a little bit foodie, a little bit slice of life, a little bit travel/review.

Posting is probably going to be choppy at first because my life is super busy right now for reasons that will be revealed in later posts. Well, that’s not entirely true, super busy might be overstating it, what I mean is super busy for me.  Probably given my work load my production level falls below average, but I am not sure how you would determine something like that. Most likely with some sort of equation and I have been incapable of doing math without some sort of technological assist since high school.

Speaking of technological assistance, those of you who already know me may be wondering when I obtained the skills to operate the tools necessary for blogging. Or at least do so without managing to somehow break/crash/destroy said technology. That is where my behind the scenes partner, my lovely and talented cousin, Lauren comes in. She has dumbed things down for me. Actually in some cases she’s pretty much either held my hand or just straight up done it for me. I am lucky to have her and you should all go read her blog Raider of the Lost Art  as well.

Please check out my about me and about the blog to hopefully get a sense of what I am trying to accomplish. I should be going live with my first post tomorrow. If you like what you see please tell your friends or use one of the social media links below!


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