OK, so I know it’s been a long hiatus, but life just got in the way. It was a little overwhelming trying to start a blog at the same time that I was moving into a new apartment, and also planning a wedding, and in a horrible fog of another Lyme flair up, and you know all the other fun life events that get thrown in there.

I sort of rushed things on the blog because it was summertime and I wanted to be sharing recipes and farm/winery visits in real time, but things just didn’t work out that way. It was hard enough to get the visits in and with all the other stuff that was going on. So the blog is going to be revamped a bit and mostly focus on recipes that use local ingredients, some that are currently available, some that were available at the time I made the recipes, and some that are available all year long.

I’m still going to do the winery and farm reviews; in fact, I have a couple of partial drafts from visits I made this summer. They may be a little out of season, but hopefully they will give us all something to look forward to when the weather starts to turn and we all start wondering if Spring is actually going to come again. I’m also hoping to do some reviews of restaurants and bakeries, and maybe even some food carts. There are more and more finding ways to incorporate a little bit of local into their businesses.

So really I am loosening up the definition of this blog to fit my life a little better. Plus, those winery visits were starting to get a little expensive as it is much easier to convince yourself that you can pay $13.00/lb for some fancy cheese after you’ve tasted about 12 different wines. Also- some things to look forward too, get excited for a feast of homegrown Thanksgiving recipes. It’s my family’s favorite holiday and I’m hoping to add a bunch of local touches!

So stay tuned and hopefully there will be lots of good stuff to come!


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